Achieving Financial Peace of Mind

We all have goals and dreams and this requires focus and long term planning. A properly designed and implemented financial plan should provide peace of mind, knowing that no matter what is happening in the market, you will achieve your goals.

In the midst of tremendous market turmoil, it is difficult to separate truth from hype and hysteria. In times like these, we need to turn to the objective voice of financial science, distilled down to several essential truths:

  1. The markets work in the long run and there is little point in trying to time them or actively guess which part of the market will outperform another.
  2. Risk and return are related and we each need to determine what risk level we are comfortable with, seek help in structuring an appropriately designed portfolio and stick with the discipline.
  3. Diversification is critical to reducing risk without sacrificing too much return.
  4. Fees matter. Canadians pay some of the highest investment management fees in the world. For many investors, there are ways to reduce unnecessary fees and trading costs.
  5. Paying attention to tax-efficiency will reduce the drag that income tax can have on a portfolio.

We take pride in helping our clients to successfully plan, build and secure their wealth.